AVR MKII Programmer Issues

Previously, I used the AVRISP to program my Atmel AVR processors. For my last project, I picked up an STK500 so that I could do some early software development work. I then used the programmer on development system to program my test boards. Recently, I ordered the USB version of the AVRISP (AVRISP mkII). I figured that not having to deal with a serial port would be a good thing. Wrong. After connecting up the new programmer to my usb port and my target device, I started up AVR studio. Immediately AVR studio wanted to upgrade to the latest firmware. I managed to get halfway through the process when the system hung. Bummer. After digging around a bit I found out a manual way to do the install. This involved opening the case, shorting pins 1 & 3 of the 10 pin header and plugging in the USB cable. Then you select Tools->AVRIsp mkII upgrade and continue from there. This time everything worked. So now I am ready to try and program a board (a board that had been previously programmed with the stk500). I connect everything up and get a flashing orange light. The manuals claimed this occur if I have something hooked up incorrectly or too small of a reset resistor (<4.7k).> http://www.atmel.no/beta_ware/ Bascially, my latest and greatest version of AVR studio (4.13 SP2) did not handle the version of the mkII AVRISP that I had. Specifically, anything with a date code of 20071012 to 20080130 would not work. The site gives a link to download an executable that has the latest mkII firmware (1.09). Previously I had version 1.06. After performing the upgrade everything is working just fine!

Update: I just connected a second AVRISP mkII to the system. When I entered into the programing mode (tools->program AVR->connect), AVR studio immediately noted that my firmware was old. AVR studio then launched a new program to upgrade the mkII. The upgrade suceeded; however, AVR studio was left in a hung state. I ended up killing the AVR studio process and restarting AVR. The programmer had the new version and everything is working fine (again).

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