Not Only Does Pac-Man Eat Monsters, He Eats Your Time as Well.

According to this BBC article, last Friday's Pac-Man home page sucked up countless hours of our time. I know I was guilty, how about you?
The Pac-Man game Google put on its home page gobbled up almost five million hours of work time, suggests a study.
The playable version of the classic video game was put on Google's front page on 21 May to celebrate 30 years since the launch of Pac-Man in Japan.
The search giant reworked the game so the layout was arranged around letters forming its name.
The Pac-Man game proved so popular that Google has now made it permanently available on its own page.
The full article is on the BBC's web-site.

I also dug around a bit and found the permanent Google Pac-Man link. Now let's see how much more time we can waste.

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