Pageline 2.0 for your Wordpress Site

Okay, I know that this is a Blogspot site and you are probably wondering why I would blog about a Wordpress plugin. Well, frankly, PageLines is cool. It really allows you to configure a site quickly with all kinds of cool effects. Sure Blogspot is great for a quick and dirty blog that can really look great, but if you want to do more complicated stuff, then Wordpress is the way to go (or if you have really complicated things to do, then try Drupal).

The problem is that Wordpress can be a bit intimidating. Along comes PageLines, a theme that greatly streamlines the process of building a website. We produced this website for Windows on the Bay this summer. Looks great doesn't it.

 PageLines just came out with a new version that is even better than what we used. Check it out  here.

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