Tayana 37 Mk II For Sale

Tayana 37

After much hemming and hawing we have decided to sell our lovely Tayana 37, Kalliope. You are probably wondering what this has to do with technology. Well, I've decided to do a little experiment and create a website that demos the boat. I was able to pick up a domain name, tayana37.org, that does a great job of describing my vessel. In fact, the domain name already shows up on the number two page when you do a Google search of "tayana 37". Go ahead and check it out by clicking here.
I picked up the  tayana37.org site a couple of months ago when I started thinking about selling the boat. I quickly put up the most boring test page on blogger (click here) and connected up Google analytics and then did absolutely nothing. That boring test page generated several hundred hits with a large percentage coming from direct searches of "tayana 37" and "tayana 37" for sale. Not bad for zero optimization.
The next step was to create a new page with a little better content and add a ton of images that were captioned with "Tayana 37". Hopefully this will help some of the images bubble to the top of the image search feature.
The final step will be to create a Google ad-campaign to generate even more traffic.
I'll keep you updated on the experiment.


David Metzler said...

Very good idea, creating a custom website for one one super great boat.
Is it sold yet.
How it the experiment going?

Unknown said...

It did sell. I got quite a bit of traffic to the site.