The Morning After: The Schooner Zodiac Dismasts South of Bellingham

Yesterday, a friend of mine reported that the schooner Zodiac dismasted. I found the following on their Facebook site:

September 25th. Heading home to Bellingham in good winds- a great day with 22 school kids on board.
At 1:25 pm, the main mast broke apart and fell across the port side of the ship. No one was seriously injured and the coast guard were quick to arrive.
The crew is safe and passengers were all put aboard the motor vessel Kwaietek and taken to shore.

And this morning:

Zodiac arrived safely back in Bellingham last night, after a very long day for the crew. Everyone is safe and sound. We also want to thank our passengers for acting calmly and responsibly throughout their un-scheduled adventure, and helping us get everyone transported safely to shore.

This morning I woke to find them anchored in the bay trying to clean up before they pulled into dock. I am glad that no-one was injured and I hope that they are able to get the mast repaired for next season.

The Zodiac off of Taylor Street Dock

This morning's view of the Zodiac from my house.

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