Facebook Privacy: It's Worse Than You Think

I remember once upon a time ago when there was this new little social site. It was kind of cool. It was free and it enabled you to connect with your friends from your past and present life. You would tell them what was going on in your life and maybe throw a snowball or two at them. Somehow, the little social site morphed. It decided it wanted to be your identity and it would decide what little pieces of your identity that it would share. The best part is that every now and then it changes its mind about what part of you it wants to sell. Pissed off at your boss, we will tell the world for a small fee.

It is possible to protect yourself. Try out these sites for yourself.
  • http://zesty.ca/facebook/ - See what the world knows about you. Works best if you use it from a browner that is not logged into Facebook .
Here are some things to protect yourself now:
 Good luck. If you find out anymore tidbits, let me know.

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Unknown said...

Since I wrote this, Facebook has figured out a whole new stack of ways to invade your life. I'll plan for an update after the next big infraction.