The Ubuntu Experiment - 3 months later

Well, I give up on my Ubuntu based Inspiron 6000. I tried to be good. I spent hours chasing down obscure work around to all of my problems, but in my line of work you almost have to have a PC. Why you ask? Here are a couple of reason's:

1) Most engineering programs only run on a PC now (and emulation by wine or VMWare is too much of a pain, I know, I tried).
2) I use many USB based emulators and interfaces that only run on a PC. This is even harder to get around than #1. Sometime even VWWare doesn't quite work.

Seriously, I can work around most of the problems, but sometime Ubuntu is just not co-operative. The other day my video driver just got really, really slow for some reason. Painfully. I spent way too much time chasing down the issue (It was related to going in and out of presentation mode).

So, I broke down and just went ahead and bought a new PC. I know it comes with Vista (yuck), but I get a free update to Windows 7 next month when it comes out. The final choice a Dell Studio 15 with a processor upgrade that supports virtulization (now I can virtualize Ubuntu). I expect the upgrade process is going to take way too much time.

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